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CWA Ad Campaign Promotes Cingular – the Only Unionized Wireless Company

Source: CWA

The Communications Workers of America this week launched an online and radio advertising campaign urging the public to switch their wireless phone service to Cingular – the only unionized wireless company. CWA's Web ads appear on the popular blogs Salon.com, DailyKos.com, and Atrios.blogspot.com (Eschaton), as well as on Yahoo and Google. Radio spots are running on Air America stations in the Northeast.Viewers and listeners are invited to visit www.CingularSwitch.com for information about making the switch to "the company that cares about workers' rights," or to register for follow up information if they are still under contract to another carrier.CWA's message points out that customers can support a socially responsible wireless company and also get great deals on phones and service, as well as Cingular's exclusive Rollover minutes and access to the nation's largest wireless network.Some 40,000 Cingular workers are represented by CWA and work under union contracts providing regular wage increases, good benefits and a voice on the job.

Here is a link to one of the online ads:CWA Web Ad


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