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Fmr. Congressman Tony Coehlo on Wal-Mart's secret memo

Source: Wake Up Wal-Mart.Com

Statement by former congressman and author of the Americans with Disabilities Act Tony Coelho:

"As the author of the American’s with Disabilities Act and long-time advocate for people with disabilities, I am deeply troubled by Wal-Mart’s internal memo exposed by the New York Times this morning.

This is one of the most profitable companies in the world and this memo shows that in their pursuit for greed and power, they have chosen to cut costs even at the price of human dignity. Wal-Mart’s desire to “dissuade unhealthy people from coming to work at Wal-Mart” is chilling and unconscionable. No company or organization should be able to discriminate against an employee on the basis of age, level of fitness, disability status or potential cost to the company.

It is a sad day when American’s largest employer callously treats its employees as products in its stores. Wal-Mart has a moral responsibility to immediately disavow itself of this memo and not selectively hire Americans on the basis of their potential cost to the company."


Anonymous M. Kelley said...

Wal-Mart is a private company. It's not a government entity. As a private company, it should be able to set its affairs as it sees fit, not march to your insane drumbeat. Granted, you have a 1st Amendment right to pressure them to adopt your non-sensical views, but you should be ignored by Wal-Mart and every living thing in the universe. I'm not even sure why I'm responding to you rather than marginalizing you by ignoring you. I'm sure that it's that your astoundingly brainless prattle has just set me off.

Do you even acknowledge that the costs of the regulation you propose will ultimately be passed off to the consumer? Wal-Mart's consumers are probably the least likely to be able to absorb the costs you want to impose. In essence, your foolish proposals would do economic violence to the lowest classes. Only a complete moron would propose something that would harm the very class that he purports to seek to protect.

Do you even realize that if Wal-Mart management didn't do everything it could to protect Wal-Mart profits, it would open itself up to investor suits, thereby making the greedy leftist trial lawyers all the richer?

Wanna know what's best about my POV? I'm a grunt level Wal-Mart employee and I couldn't care less about this memo or all the other anti-Wal-Mart tripe you've posted. One of the reasons why I agreed to work for Wal-Mart is their anti-union stance. I hate unions too. They're corrupt, anti-private property, they do harm to companies AND consumers, and in fact, I can think of NOTHING redeemable about unions at all. It was even soviets, or unions, in Russia that executed the czar's family and instituted communist rule. That resulted in the Cold War, the greatest threat to humanity since the Big Bang.

Thankfully, you have First Amendment protections. Without those protections, if I had any power and less self-restraint and wisdom, I'd be tempted to line your type up against the wall and shoot them after a beating that would make the scenes from Casino look like a cakewalk...just like the corporations used Brownings on labor demonstrators. /sigh The glory days are gone.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Resist Oppression said...

Editor's Note: Breaking from policy I will respond to this comment and it will be uncensored.

I can see somebody has been paying attention to the b.s. propaganda films they force their employees to watch about unions.

Unions help lift workers out of poverty and if you really are a "low-level grunt" working at Wal-Mart you should understand that your average yearly income lands you in the working poor category.

Since you like to fashion yourself as a socio-economist why are you working at Wally World? Someone of your brilliance should on his knees in Greenspan's office instead bent over in Wal-Mart store manager’s office hoping to get a red smock one day.

It must suck to be you M.Kelley because workers want to be treated with dignity on the job, receive a fair wage for work done, have health care and most of all they do want to live in fear of their employer. You on the other hand must enjoy if you really are a low-level grunt, receiving peanuts for pay and having your lips firmly attached to a suit's ass in order to keep your job.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go R.O.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous M. Kelley said...

First, I learned hatred for labor unions in college when I took a course on the Guilded Age and Progressive Era from a pablum puking red commie loser that the University of Arizona was stupid enough to give tenure to. My study of labor law has just confirmed everything I know about unions. Those films weren't BS. They were gospel truth, and for you to deny that they are truthful makes you a profound liar.

Unions do NOTHING like uplift workers. Job protections make union forkers lazy. Increased wages have forced employers to export jobs overseas and resort to hiring illegal aliens (right there you can point to unions as a homeland security threat because they incentivise illegals to cross the borders in droves, exposing our weak borders to those Islamic jihadists that hate us). In addition, when employers look at increased labor costs, they cut hours, hurting employees; they decide to cut the labor force, making employees unemployed; they raise prices, which cuts demand for goods and services which makes employees less and less attractive. Minimum wage laws are barriers to job creation as well. As are imposed health benefits. I've done nothing but list a multiplicity of deleterious effects of unions, labor law, and employment law. You have only asserted some sham claim to higher wages...you get nothing if those high wages make you unemployed.

Wal-Mart touts respect for the individual and that has changed my behavior. Everytime I deal with a customer, "respect for the individual" rings in my head and I treat them like any human being should be treated.

Wages are directly attributable to supply and demand. Any attempt to regulate wages ends in disaster: unemplyment, less job creation, exportation of jobs overseas, and the hiring of illegal labor. If you honestly believe you can regulate wages, you're delusional. And hey, it's at will employment, something those in the labor movement have NEVER been able to wrap their minds around. If I don't like my wages, I can find employment elsewhere. Do I like my wages? I'm not thrilled about them. Does that give me an incentive to get better wages by acceptable means? Yes. Am I doing that? Yes. Will it be with Wal-Mart? Most likely not. Wal-Mart is a 2nd job for me, but that's a whole different discussion.

Health care is NOT a cost an employer should bear. The individual should bear his own health care costs. I certainly do. It gives me an incentive to look for better and better jobs until I attain the standard of living I desire. You, and the rest of your head-in-the-sand, red star communist clones would rather give workers the idea that they can only ever get one job, they MUST stay in that job, and the collective will think for them. What lunacy!

I don't fear Wal-Mart. I do a good job, and because of that, my managers look the other way when I flagrantly break rules, like being perpetually late. If they want to get rid of me, they'd be firing one of their best employees, hobbling themselves. Besides, if Wal-Mart does something that stupid, it's not like I can't get another job quite easily. What do I have to fear? Fear is for the weak minded, like leftists. Even that commie FDR said all we have to fear is fear itself.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Resist Oppression said...

According to my stats it says your ISP is from the American Conservative Union so I really doubt you are a wal mart employee. Its pretty sad when you guys have to resort to this level of portraying yourselves as regular working class people.

Host Name 79.f1b7d1.client.atlantech.net
IP Address
Country United States
Region Virginia
City Alexandria
ISP American Conservative Union
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 3 hours 45 mins 14 secs

5:54 PM  
Anonymous M. Kelley said...

Doubt all you want. I'm an INTERN. Why else would I be working 2 jobs? Everything I've said is honest. You just caught me surfing is all. Like this ISP a little better? I STILL notice how you have no solid arguments against my assertions. Let's stay on topic.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Art said...

"greatest threat to humanity since the big bang" ??

This dumbass knows as little about physics as he does about unions, economics, history, etc...
- What a fool?

9:45 AM  
Blogger Resist Oppression said...

Two jobs huh? I honestly really doubt it. Its more like fulltime low-level PR flunky for the American Conservative Union.

Lets look at some of the points you made and let’s give them a reality check.

So the idea is keep looking for better jobs until you find one that suits your standard of living huh? Open your eyes and you will see the economy sucks right now! Corporate greed has outsourced all the good paying jobs overseas. If people could follow your little life-job model they would, but they can’t because its almost damn near impossible to find a good paying job.

Cost of health care should fall on the shoulders of the individual and you are happy with it because it makes you live healthier, blah, blah, blah…What a load of horseshit. If employers would actually practice that trickle-down-economic model that the moron Regan preached, maybe individuals could pay for their own health care. As it stands right now how can a family of four with an annual income of Wally World’s $24,000 a year (that’s high end folks) afford to pay for their own health care?

Unions are corrupt and lazy huh? Organized labor is not a third party it is the workers. A union is a democracy and everything is decided upon by democratic-majority vote procedures by its members. In other words, the workers decide what goes on and not ruled by an outside hand. As far as corruption, government regulation and strict moral guidelines are set up to prohibit such criminal activities. Concerning laziness, most studies show unionized workforces are more productive than non-unionized. Simple answer for this M. Kelley, it’s because workers with good jobs and benefits are more likely to work harder to keep those jobs and have pride in their work.

It all comes down to greed M. Kelley. All the crap you spewed about unions and wage laws hurting job creation, shutting companies down, etc is typical, but the reality is greed of corporations and individuals cause the problems you speak of. Greed and the obsession of money/power are what drives corporations bankrupt like Enron. Greed is why wages never raise without government intervention. Greed is why a once great Republican party will commit sacrilegious acts like hijacking Christianity to spew forth Hitler-like propaganda on the people. Greed is why corporations fight so hard against workers having rights and forming unions, because CEOs don’t want to give up million dollar bonuses in order to give their workers better pay and benefits. The list goes on and on, but it always comes back to usually a fat-bald-little-man who’s in charge not wanting to share his company’s profits with the workers who made him rich.

11:41 AM  

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