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Statement by President Sweeney on AFL-CIO Support for Boeing Machinists Strike

Source: AFL-CIO

The unions of the AFL-CIO are in full support of the strike at Boeing by members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. These 18,000 men and women are in a very real sense fighting a fight for all working families.

At a time when nearly 46 million Americans are without health insurance, Boeing tried to use scare tactics to shift nearly $1,000 per year in health care costs to every employee. And the company wants to jump on to national trends by eliminating health care for future retirees, outsourcing more mechanics’ jobs and shortchanging them on pension benefits.

It is outrageous that this profitable company refuses to meet the most basic needs of its workers, while awarding millions of dollars in unrestricted stock to its executives.


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