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NWA mechanics move picket line where scabs are staying

Northwest mechanics move a strike line to hotel where "scabs" are staying

About 100 striking Northwest Airlines mechanics and supporters picketed Tuesday at a hotel that is housing replacement mechanics.

Chanting "Scabs go home!" — the picketers protested the fact that the Radisson Metrodome Hotel in Minneapolis is housing replacement mechanics for Northwest.

It is the eleventh day of the mechanics' strike. About 4,400 mechanics, cleaners and custodians refused to take pay cuts of 25 percent and accept layoffs that would have reduced their ranks by nearly 50 percent. The offer they did make to NWA officals would have cut their pay by 20 percent.

No new talks are scheduled between the union and the airline.

Mechanics and their supporters planned to picket at the homes of several Northwest executives on Thursday.


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