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Four Iowa Democrats compete to pledge tougher labor laws

Source: Sioux City Journal

Four potential Democratic gubernatorial candidates competed in promising to work for tougher labor laws, including giving unions a chance to collect dues from nonunion workers for whom they bargain.

One would go even further, pledging to seek repeal of a state law prohibiting agreements that require workers to join a union as a condition of employment.Making their case the Iowa Federation of Labor's convention, all four stuck to bread-and-butter issues important to labor.

"My background is one where I have spent nearly 20 years creating the kind of jobs that have a future in this state," said Michael Blouin, former head of the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

"We have begun a process of putting us on the right track."

"You won't find anyone in the Legislature more committed to labor," said Rep. Ed Fallon, of Des Moines, who said he would push for laws to create "a firewall between corporate greed and human need." (MORE >>>)


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