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New Jersey Set to Expand Workers’ Freedom to Choose a Union

Source: AFL-CIO

The New Jersey Senate approved legislation by expanding the freedom of New Jersey workers to choose a union when a majority signs authorization cards for union representation. The legislation, already passed by the state assembly, now goes to acting Gov. Richard J. Codey (D), who, as president of the Senate, voted for the bill.

The legislation, approved 24–to–11 June 27, covers workers who do not fall under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Act. Those employers whose workers could choose a union by signing authorization cards indicating their support for the union include race track owners, breeders and trainers, real estate brokers, certain small businesses not engaged in interstate commerce, certain public employers and supervisors.

Similar laws already exist in California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts (covering charter school workers only) and majority sign-up is specifically provided for, on a voluntary basis, in New Mexico, Alaska and Ohio.


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