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ILCA’s Membership Amendment and the Current Dispute within Organized Labor

Source: ILCA

In November 2003 – many months before the current disputes erupted within the AFL-CIO -- the International Labor Communications Association drafted a constitutional amendment to build closer working ties with union publications, the pro-worker religious press and other labor-friendly media outlets not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. ILCA delegates adopted a final version of that amendment July 23 in Chicago, allowing full membership to publications from non-AFL-CIO unions on a case-by-case basis, subject to approval of the ILCA executive council.

Our International unions have always had internal disputes, sometimes sharp; sometimes not. It was never our intent to intervene or take sides in the current debate. Quite the contrary.

As labor communicators we seek to build stronger unions and to address the needs and aspirations of workers, organized and unorganized. We do everything possible to keep such disputes from dividing workers and weakening labor solidarity at the local level, and we feel this is the right and proper stand for ILCA.


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