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Wal-Mart workers in Colorado want to have a union

Source: UNI

Fifteen shop workers in Colorado will now try to form the first union in a U.S. Wal-Mart store. The workers in Greeley have started to organise and hope that eventually a majority of the store's 300 employees will vote for union representation.

The newest organising attempts have already sparked a union busting operation by the Wal-Mart management. An anti-union propaganda campaign is up and running, and management is busy giving statements about why they do not want to have a union in the company.

There is much unhappiness about the low wages that Wal-Mart pays, but also about management attitudes more generally.

"The company needs to realize that we're not doing this because we want to retaliate or to upset them," Erica Arellano, a 23 years old Wal-Mart worker said to the Greeley Tribune. "We're doing this because there are issues in this store that we believe haven't been heard. It's not just about better pay and benefits or not being treated fairly. It goes a little deeper."
Arellano was operated for kidney stones twice last year. Now she is paying off a 57,000 USD debt to the hospital as Wal-Mart's health insurance policy was found insufficient to cover all costs.

"If we don't succeed with the union, maybe they'll say, 'We should listen,' and maybe some good will come out of it", she said.


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