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UMWA Endorses John Sweeney for AFL-CIO President

Source: UMWA

The International Executive Board of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) voted unanimously today to endorse John Sweeney for President of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka for Secretary-Treasurer and Linda Chavez-Thompson for Executive Vice President.

In a resolution, the UMWA Executive Board said, "Under their leadership, the AFL-CIO is effecting change that gives workers a stronger voice in the workplace and improves the quality of life for working people."

UMWA President Cecil Roberts added, "John Sweeney, Richard Trumka and Linda Chavez-Thompson are extraordinary leaders who have worked incredibly hard the last 10 years to strengthen the labor movement in the face of massive attacks from the right-wing political and business interests that oppose a free voice for working families.

"The UMWA is squarely behind the Sweeney/Trumka/Chavez-Thompson team," Roberts continued, "because we believe they continue to offer the right vision for America's working families, and they are taking the steps needed to rebuild our movement into the strong, vibrant voice for working families that is sorely needed in the country.

"Every day, a new attack on working families and their unions is launched by the far right-wing and its allies in government and corporate boardrooms. America's workers need leadership at the AFL-CIO that will fight back, instead of duck for cover or try to appease those who would destroy us. John Sweeney, Richard Trumka and Linda Chavez-Thompson are the kind of fighters we need, and that's why the UMWA's International Executive Board did not hesitate to endorse them."


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