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AFL-CIO Executive Committee Approves Sweeping New Policies

Source: AFL-CIO

Sweeney-Backed Resolution and Budget Approved by a 2-to-1 Margin, Advances Next to Executive Council and Convention

The AFL-CIO Executive Committee—a 24-member advisory group made up of top union leaders—overwhelmingly approved a plan put forward by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney today to dramatically shift the work of the labor federation and unite unions for the twin goals of increased organizing and more member mobilization for politics and legislation. The group also approved a new two-year budget that funds the program.

“Working people are under attack as never before by corporate and political forces, and today’s plans will help the union movement fight back with all our united strength,” said AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. “Union movement growth and workers’ political power are fundamentally linked and we must strengthen both simultaneously.”

The leaders, by a 17 to 7 vote, voted to send to the Executive Council the updated plan, a version of which was first introduced at an Executive Committee meeting in early March, where it passed by a 16 to 8 vote. The resolution will be voted on by the Executive Council, a 54-member constitutional leadership body, at its meeting at the end of June. If approved, the resolution will be presented to the AFL-CIO convention at the end of July. The Executive Committee vote on the budget today was also 17 to 7. (MORE >>>)


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