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Source: Wake Up Wal-Mart Campaign

WakeUpWalmart.com, America’s campaign to change Wal-Mart, sent a letter today to Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart demanding Wal-Mart immediately and publicly condemn and end their financial support for a group in Arizona running newspaper ads using Nazi images to depict their opposition.

The letter from Paul Blank, WakeUpWalmart.com’s campaign director states, “It is frighteningly un-American to use Nazi images in an attempt to demonize those who oppose Wal-Mart and the negative effects this company has had on our communities and the nation.”

The letter continues, “You (Lee Scott) must publicly condemn this group and you should offer a public apology on behalf of Wal-Mart making clear you would never support - directly or indirectly - a media campaign that uses Nazi imagery.”

Currently, there is a local ballot initiative in Flagstaff, Arizona (Prop. 100). The initiative, sponsored by Wal-Mart, seeks to overturn a local ordinance approved by lawmakers to protect Flagstaff’s communities. The Wal-Mart backed campaign group called Protect Flagstaff ran an ad recently depicting Nazi images in an attempt to demean and smear those who are standing up for Flagstaff’s communities.

According to recent campaign finance reports, Wal-Mart has contributed $280,700 to Protect Flagstaff. When asked by the Arizona Sun if Protect Flagstaff would stop running the ads, the group’s consultant stated the ads will continue because they “make people think.”

“There is never, ever, a justification for any group to use the evil imageries of Nazis to push a political or corporate agenda,” said Paul Blank, WakeupWalmart.com campaign Director.

Click here to take action and stop the Wal-Mart Nazi Ad

WakeUpWalmart.com, the campaign to change Wal-Mart, is backed by the UFCW. Since the groups launch, on April 5th, over 50,000 concerned citizens have joined the growing effort.


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