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Auto Workers union endorses John Sweeney for president of AFL-CIO

Source: UAW

United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger today announced the UAW has endorsed John Sweeney for re-election as president of the AFL-CIO.

“Throughout his life, John Sweeney has fought with courage and conviction on behalf of workers and their unions.” said Gettelfinger. “As AFL-CIO president, John Sweeney has been unafraid to try new strategies and approaches for strengthening the labor movement. He is a leader who listens to and respects the concerns and ideas of the AFL-CIO’s member unions, and he has actively encouraged a lively, open and much-needed debate on the future of the labor movement.

“During this debate, President Sweeney has focused squarely on issues and on doing what’s in the best interest of workers and their families, refusing to be drawn into divisive personal squabbles. He believes in reaching out and bringing people together, not driving them apart,” Gettelfinger continued.

“The UAW has supported important reform proposals within the AFL-CIO to help create a stronger and more effective labor federation,” Gettelfinger said. “And while different unions approach the challenges we face from different perspectives, we believe it’s important to focus on what unites us.

“We are united in demanding an end to the human rights abuses in American workplaces which deny millions of people a free choice about whether to join a union. We are united in our belief that working families must have an effective voice in the political process. We are united in recognizing that today’s global economy demands a global labor movement that can fight for workplace democracy and rising living standards for all workers, no matter where they live. John Sweeney is a leader on all these issues; that’s why our union is proud to support him for re-election,” said Gettelfinger.


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