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Teamsters Announce Official Launch of Wal-Mart Worker Outreach Effort

The Teamsters Union Warehouse Division has launched a web site directed at the employees of the Wal-Mart distribution centers across the United States. Wal-Mart distribution center employees are the engine that has made Wal-Mart one of the most successful businesses in the world.

This online resource (www.walmartworkersunite.org) is designed to provide distribution center employees a place to go with questions regarding all aspects of their employment. The Teamsters Union, which represents distribution center employees across the country, is the leader in negotiating family wages and benefits for its members.

“The Teamsters Union respects that the Wal-Mart distribution center employees do a great job in getting the product to the stores,” said Teamsters Warehouse Division Director John A. Williams.

“Our Union negotiates industry-leading contracts providing our members with family wages and benefits. Wal-Mart employees, working for the largest company in the U.S., should not earn less in wages and benefits then what Teamster members enjoy working under their union contracts. The Wal-Mart model for its distribution center employees should not be built on what can’t be done but what must be done to make these Wal-Mart employees some of the best compensated workers in the industry.”


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