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Hold Wal-Mart Accountable for closing Canada store

The world's largest retailer is choosing to destroy the livelihoods of nearly 200 working families rather than accept a fair and impartial agreement on workers' wages and benefits.

Wal-Mart announced Feb. 9 it will shut down the Canadian store where workers had formed a union six months earlier to have a voice on the job. Workers at the Jonquiere, Quebec, store had been negotiating with Wal-Mart for several months, attempting to reach a fair agreement on wages and benefits. The company pulled the plug when workers appealed to the Quebec Labor Ministry to start a process to establish a wage and benefit settlement.

Please click the following link to sign the petition telling Wal-Mart's CEO: Do the right thing. Reverse plans to close your store. And negotiate in good faith with Wal-Mart workers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Resist oppression, hunh? You must mean like when a Republican speaker is voicing an opinion and all the little democrat sheep all start baaa-ing in unison to try to shout him down. You know, 'cause if his message gets out, it might actually affect some of the sheep, causing them to have an independent thought.

Holy Shit! I just realized they might even try to start thinking for themselves. The democratic party would not have any control over their thoughts through oppressive shouting. Sheep should remain sheep, and should never be allowed to think for themselves. It's just too dangerous. Now get back to the barn, you stupid little sheep.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Resist Oppression said...

An anonymous GOP sheep had enough guts to do something on his own and post a message on a blog. Way to go or did you have to get approval from W himself. Seems like your viewpoints come right from the Republican Propoganda handbook. Nobody is keeping anyone from their freedom of speech and Resist Oppression is not Fox News or the Republcan National HQ. Sounds like you don't enjoy thinking for yourself junior.

5:29 PM  

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