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Wal-Mart begins propaganda campaign to save image

The world's biggest retailer Wal-Mart took out more than 100 full page adverts in national newspapers.

The group is trying to see off criticism over it pay deals, benefits package and promotion strategy. (MORE >>>)

If anyone believes Wal-Evil-Mart's claims in these ads then you need to seek serious help.
How about instead of launching a
propaganda campaign the retail giant instead opt to pay their workers better wages and give them a true benefit package that does not cost 60 to 70% of pay checks to afford.

Or how about Wal-Evil-Mart do its part to save our economy it helped to destroy and make a promise to sell only U.S. and union made products, thus putting more Americans back to work....yeah I know, that Corporate Greed thing will never let that happen.


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