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Two Million Lose Jobs Under Bush

The nation's unemployment rate ended 2004 at a December figure of 5.4 percent, with 8.047 million people out of work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. The figures continued the high-unemployment trend seen since the U.S. Supreme Court seated GOP nominee George W. Bush in the Oval Office. As of December, the number of additional jobless during his reign totals 2.091 million.

The number of unemployed in January 2001--the last data gathered under President Clinton--was 5.956 million and the adjusted jobless rate that month was 4 percent.

BLS said 27,000 people joined the ranks of the jobless in December, but what was more striking was how many left the work force: 328,000, for a total of 76.437 million people out of the labor force in December. The number of employed also dropped. (MORE >>>)


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