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Save Social Security Activism Alert

President George W. Bush, his Republican allies in Congress and corporate chiefs are on an ideological trophy hunt to destroy Social Security—the most important family security effort in America’s history. Their privatization plans to replace guaranteed benefits with risky private accounts would fatally undermine Social Security, cut benefits drastically, most likely raise workers’ retirement age—and saddle our children with $2 trillion in debt.

Now is the time to fight back.

There is no way we’re going to yield an inch on Social Security. No way, no how. To defend Social Security, we need to show President Bush, congressional leaders and the media that millions of Americans reject Social Security privatization and its benefit cuts. That is why the AFL-CIO is launching a petition to secure Social Security—one part of a multifaceted campaign to protect Social Security. Please take a minute right now to sign our petition by clicking on the link below:


Our goal is to get 100,000 petition signers between now and Jan. 20—President Bush’s Inauguration Day. Right now, Bush’s allies are raising millions for an election-style PR campaign, like we’ve never seen, to privatize Social Security. They’ll launch it on America immediately following Bush’s inauguration because they want to dominate the message on Social Security.

Don’t let them. It’s urgent that after you sign the petition you spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers. We need as many people as possible to demand over the next two weeks that we keep Social Security secure. Please click the following link to urge others to sign the Social Security petition.


Bush’s Social Security privatization plan would devastate working families like ours—while handing billions of dollars to rich Wall Street investment companies. We can’t let it happen.

The fight to protect Social Security is really heating up. Newspapers are reporting on a secret memo by a Bush administration official to corporate special interests backing privatization. The memo discusses a strategy to outright deceive the public, privatize Social Security and cut benefits. Please take action now.

Do your part for retirement security today by clicking on the link below to sign our petition. We’ll send you more alerts and information over the coming weeks about ways you can make a difference. Right now, we need a strong statement opposing these destructive privatization plans. You can help provide it.


In solidarity


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