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Who voted for Bush...

People have been asking me to write an entry about whom I thought made George W. Bush voting block. After much deliberation and categorization here is what I come up with simply based on the un-scientific method of those I knew who voted for Bush and armchair-observations of society.

Now this rudimentary system is broken down in five classes where many typical Republican voters can fall in to many categories. The typical cast of right wingers fall in to all of these categories: The rich, older veterans (usually not Vietnam era vets), the religious, Regan-era GOP folks, hate groups and the list goes on, but they fall somewhere in these catagories and some could share attributes of all five groups.

1. Neo-Conservatives
These folks don't make up the majority, but they were the voice that lead the battle cry that rallied the troops around ol' W. This group has a general disdain for anyone other than their own and probably would vote for legalizing slavery, vigilante justice and segregation. This group is not limited to CEOS and the rich of this country, many burger-flippers can be found here also. Megalomaniacs is an understatement when describing this group. They have a common agenda of hate and want to rid the world of anything different from them. Usually money drives them, but you'll find a certain deeper darkness to them all.

2. Conservatives (Financial)
This group was probably the largest. Made up of old-school Republican voters who believe in cleaning up government waste, they hate taxes, the welfare system and even though not quite as bad as their Neo-Conservative counterparts they still are pretty greedy folks...but they would probably drop a few pennies in the Salvation Army's pot at Christmas. Not really bad people, just they see things in dollars and cents instead of social and humanistic standpoints.

3. The Spineless
These are the folks that make Reality TV popular and guarantee corporations huge revenues when products are advertised as "hip" and "popular". This group is highly concerned about what other people think and like lemmings they will follow a popular movement just so they can feel like they belong to something and have bragging rights to it. If they thought cutting off their left hand would make them popular they would do it...see the picture I'm trying to paint here. This group is the ones in your workplace that kiss the boss's butt, wear clothing from the GAP/Old Navy/or whatever fashion dictates if popular to wear and take their kids to watch anything Disney puts its name on. After 9/11 corporations made millions of this category of people with their patriotic merchandise oddly enough made in foreign countries. This group is a truer definition of swing voters than the media gave...in four years from now its popular to vote Democrat they will.

4. American-Southern-Baptist-Inspired Religious Types

Not to be confused with American Christians, these are the agenda and hate groups that believe in Biblical interpretation that fits their needs. They are very group-minded and everyone outside of their clicks is evil. They will tell you they love Jesus and follow his teachings, but will spin racial slurs, use profanity when their favorite Nascar driver loses, tell you the poor is cursed by God for being lazy and will find some used-car-salesman way to justify what they say and think. These folks scare me and honestly give Christianity a bad name.

5. American Christians
I hold no ill contempt for them because they try to live right by their beliefs but are bombarded by religious leaders, neighbors, members of their church and Fox News with religious propaganda that they are confused when they go to the polls. These group is easily the smallest in size on this list. Sadly they get grouped in with the rightwing nut jobs like Pat Robertson by most folks on the left which is unfair.

Again, there is no scientific basis for this list, just observations I've made from talking to those who voted for Bush during this election.


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