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Steve Earle Music Updates

Its been a long time since I've done an entry about my favorite singer-songwriter Steve Earle and since today he was nominated for two grammys (Best Contempary Folk Album and Best Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance) I thought there would be no time like today to give some updates on the last true progressive patriot-union-loving rock star going and greastest songwriter of all time in my opinion.

Artemis Records also just unveiled a link to view Steve's newest video "Rich Man's War" . Filmmaker Jonathan Demme ("The Manchurian Candidate," "Philadelphia") directed the video for Steve Earle's "Rich Man's War," the second single from his latest Artemis album, "The Revolution Starts... Now." (Requires Real Player To View).

Speaking of "The Revolution Starts... Now." if you haven't bought this album or haven't listened to it...what are you waiting for? If you like Top 40 disposable pop and hip-hop music then don't even bother listening to it...you will be too stupid to understand it and if you are a Republican or a Toby Keith fan this album will scare you.............., this album is for people who like meaning to their music and believe art and a message can converge at a nexus and create music that matters. I like to call this album theme music for progressives.

Finally, thanks to Debbie who runs the Steve Earle Fans website for not only putting our link banner up on her website, but for simply providing a such a professionally done website devoted to Steve Earle and within her webmaster work you can see a true passion for what she does and the music she is inspired by. As always on Resist Oppression you can find the link to her site by clicking on the Steve Earle Image Link and I recommend you make a bookmark of her site.

So thanks again Debbie and keep up the great work.


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