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The Sinclair Propaganda Machine

Set aside "values" and voter fraud for a moment and just take a look at Sinclair Broadcasting Group. If the nation's largest owner of TV stations didn't actually help reelect George W. Bush it wasn't for lack of effort.

Their message to America now: Our man won, deregulation will continue and we've only just begun... to expand.

First a recap, then a fresh glimpse inside Sinclair. Back in April, Sinclair ordered its ABC affiliates not to air an episode of Nightline during which host Ted Koppel planned to simply read the names of the fallen soldiers – around 700 at the time. When pressed to explain this unprecedented move, denounced sharply by Sen. John McCain (R-AR) among others, Sinclair's CEO, David Smith, responded: "ABC is disguising political statements as news content." (MORE>>>)


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