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Vet Says He Was Fired After Talking Politics

A Pennsylvania man says he was fired from his job because of a political discussion. Ron Chapel, now former Dollar Tree employee told a Harrisburg local tv news reporter the conversation with a customer was low-key and genial, but somebody else in line heard him criticize President Bush.

That person later called the Dollar Tree corporate office, and Chapel was fired that day. He says the manager told him the company is pro-Bush.

Dollar Tree told the news crew it does not comment on personnel matters.

Now if Mr. Chapel's story is true it is outrageous that a business like Dollar Tree would fire him for simply having a discussion with a customer (who agreed with him) and is denying his freedom of speech rights.

I urge everyone to use the link below and write the Dollar Tree's corporate office and express your outrage to them regarding Mr. Chapel's firing.

Contact Dollar Tree via e-mail using the link below:


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