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Update:Employee Firing for being anti-Bush

Here is the response I got from the Dollar Tree regarding the recent firing of an employee for allegedly having an anti-Bush conversation with a customer (who agreed with him) and another customer overheard it and ratted him out

"Thank you for sharing your concern with us.Be assured that Dollar Tree does not ask its associates to take sides onpolitical issues, nor does it hire and fire people for their politicalviews. In fact, we have nearly 2,700 stores across the country that employand respect associates with diverse political, religious, and otherbackgrounds. Our customer base is equally diverse and we believe ourcustomers realize that there is often more to a story than initially meetsthe eye. We cannot share more information because, out of respect for ourassociates, we treat individual associate matters confidentially.
Adam BergmanDollar Tree Stores, Inc."


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