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The Alliance for Retired Americans will focus its efforts in the coming months on pushing legislation to permit the government to negotiate prescription drug prices and to allow for the reimportation of safe, lower-cost drugs from Canada. The retirees also will take whatever action is necessary to stop Social Security privatization. Representatives from more than 40 state and local affiliates of the Alliance participated in a nationwide conference call last week to review the group’s role in the 2004 election and to discuss the organization’s agenda for the coming year. Alliance President George Kourpias said 72 percent of Alliance members voted for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.). Alliance members also mailed more than 2 million pieces of literature in an effort to educate other members on retiree issues, made more than 700,000 telephone calls and sent 12 members of the headquarters staff to the field to work in get-out-the-vote efforts.


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