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Republican Specter has Neo-Conservatives Upset

There was some good that came in this past Tuesday's elections, especially since Republican maverick Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) won re-election and it has the GOP and Evangelical Extremists scared to death since he is scheduled to take over the chairmanship of the powerful Judiciary Committee and judicial nominations go through that committee.

Sen. Specter sent shockwaves through the rightwing press in a post-election press conference by implying imply that the any nominee put forward by the President would probably not be confirmed if he or she was against the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion.
He said, "When you talk about judges who would change the right of the woman to choose, to overturn Roe v. Wade, I think that is unlikely."

Many news organizations have been pointing out Christian Broadcasting Network head-honcho Pat Robertson has been almost beside himself about Specter's win and has used his so-called CBN news show to lambaste Specter and feels the Sen. will be a formidable roadblock for the Neo-Conservative takeover of this country.
Specter during his re-election campaign earned the political endorsement of the United Mine Workers of America because of his past record of being union-friendly and the working class -- a rare thing for Republicans.

Maybe all hope is not lost in this country and if the Democrats join together with the what the Neo-Conservative Movement has deemed elected "RINO's" Republicans - Republican In Name Only, we can have a balance of power in this nation and stop the assault on the poor, middle- class, elderly, overtime pay, health care, social security and our labor unions.


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