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Not made in Kentucky

This comes from the Governor who wanted to take away the teachers health care.

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher came under some criticism later yesterday because most products in the new line of the state's new motto/advertising campaign "Unbridled" merchandise were made overseas.

Tags on the hats, shirts and bags show they were made in Bangladesh, Honduras, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka or Pakistan. And the logo embroidery was done by Kentucky prisoners, not private print shops in the state.

"It seems like the governor missed the whole point of promoting Kentucky," said Senate Democratic Leader Ed Worley, of Richmond.

Terry Johnson, deputy commissioner of the Tourism Department called this point "well taken." He said the overseas goods were used for only a test run because an in-state network of companies that will carry the new logo hasn't been fully developed.

The state will seek out Kentucky vendors as it heads into mass production, he said. But he added that even those companies are likely to buy their T-shirts from overseas.


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