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A message to Kentucky Voters

Excitement, energy and enthusiasm are just a few of the words that can describe what is happening right now in Kentucky as we move towards Election Day. Yes, our candidates are working hard and have the right message and our union members are out working. They are hitting the streets, distributing materials, talking with voters, phone banking and making plans to turn out the vote on Tuesday. Our opponents are out slinging mud and using tactics and messages designed to divide voters and take their minds off the real issues facing this Commonwealth and country. Our opponents will not talk about the economy and Bush’s disastrous record of the largest federal budget deficit in history, the worst foreign trade deficit, the worst record on jobs, the most personal bankruptcies, and the more than three million Americans that have gone into poverty in just the last three years alone. No, they want to talk about sexual orientations, sexual innuendoes, and calling candidates “stupid.”

I have got to believe the vast majority of the voters will see through these diversions and go to the polls on Tuesday and reject the politics of cynicism and hate and vote for the politics of hope and prosperity. All I ask is that each and everyone who reads this message does whatever you can over the next several days to continue getting our message out to union members and their families of the importance of this election and get the job done for Kerry/Edwards – Dr. Dan Mongiardo, Tony Miller, Nick Clooney, Ben Chandler and all of our endorsed candidates for State Senate and State House, and our local candidates as well. We can turn this country and this state around this Tuesday if we all put out that extra effort and work as hard as possible up to and including Election Day. Make plans to get to the polls, to get your family members to the polls, to get your neighbors and anyone needing assistance to the polls, and make sure you get all of your co-workers to the polls. Time is short and no less than the future of our Commonwealth, country and the entire globe hangs in the balance. Let’s win for our children, the elderly, and all those who depend on a benevolent, fair and just society. ON TO VICTORY


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