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Kentucky: A community pulls together

Just like every other political blogger I'm waiting and watching the election returns come in for the Presidential and state races, but early on tonight I saw a very unique and positive thing happen on a local level of politics...Voters actually voted a tax increase that would help the elderly, college students, lower and lower-middle class residents of their districts.

That's right, I said people voted to raise their own taxes in order to help others within their community out.

It happened in Lexington, Kentucky where voters opted for a tax in order to continue funding for their city-wide bus system which stood to be cut unless this tax increase passed. A projected 17 bus drivers jobs were to be terminated and hundreds of elderly, lower-income people and students would have been left without a form of transportation.

Thankfully the voters of Lexington agreed to help out even if it meant paying more taxes. I must note, the vote passed by a huge margin and it was bi-partisan effort that got it passed and those owned vehicles far out numbered the amount of those who rely on mass transit.

Lexington voters should be commended for their decision to help out the people in their communities and keeping their bus system running and not cutting 17 jobs.


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