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India: Outsourcing firms rejoice

Outsourcing companies in India are jubilant that the elections in the United States have returned President Bush to office.

This is great news for the offshoring industry," said Nandan Nilekani, chief executive of Infosys Technologies, a software services company. The trend toward outsourcing will now become even more inexorable, Nilekani said.

News on Wednesday that John Kerry had conceded the election to Bush was greeted with joy in the industry.

"We are very happy that Bush is back," said Kiran Karnik, president of the industry group Nasscom, or National Association of Software and Service Companies. "The president's track record has been of recognizing the advantages of free trade."
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I'd say they are rejoicing in India because Bush has been re-elected as Dictator...I mean President.
Only the Executives of Corporate America benefit from outsourcing and that whole "trickle down economics" is a load of crap because the money does not trickle down to the workers and that money saved on "overhead" does not create new jobs for us here in the United States.
This President does not have our best interests at heart.
I know the people have spoken in this election, but guess what folks while you are worrying about making sure Bill can't marry Bob or Jill marrying Susan...this Administration is sending your jobs overseas.
Not that I'm for gay marriage, but our priorties need to be taken care of and making sure we still have jobs in this country should be at the top of the list.


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