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Ex-Bush Administration leader now working for a corporation

Outgoing federal mine safety chief Dave D. Lauriski has accepted a job with a mine industry consulting firm, the firm announced Wednesday.

The John T. Boyd Company said that Lauriski would be its executive director of health and safety. Lauriski will work out of the firm’s Denver offices.

Late last week, Lauriski had announced that he would leave his post as assistant secretary of labor for the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Doesn't surprise me one bit Lauriski is back working for a coal mining consulting firm. This is the same guy who pushed for lowering industry standards on dust-control and setting the coal industry safety laws back 100 years.
I agree I'm glad to see this guy out of office, because he was nothing more than a tool for the rich mining owners.
Whatever happened to human life being more important than money...oh yeah, this is the new Bush America...what was I thinking.


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