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Economic Recovery...I doubt it

The recovering economy and looming retirement of the baby boomers are making this a very good year to be a college senior looking for a job after graduation. Recruiters, career counselors and students say the fall recruiting season has been the most active since the dot-com boom.
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Usually I trust the Assoicated Press with their feature stories (and news for that matter), but this one has me wondering their wasn't some reporter with an Bush Agenda.

I would love to think our economy is on the rise, but spend five minutes on the streets and you'll see its just not a reality.

A quote from the story that most intrigues and disturbs me is this:
"'Any major' is the No. 1 demand," he said. "We have plenty of employers that say if you are a college grad and want to ... learn our business, we will take you from that point on."

In my travels I've met far too many folks with degrees that are searching the want ads everyday trying to find something to work at and most college grads end up going to work in a field that doesn't even require a degree (call centers, fast food, retail, etc).

There is no clear indication of pay in the AP story for these so-called booming new jobs, which leads me to believe its all lip service at this point and/or there are actually new jobs out there at much lower than average pay.

A disturbing trend I'm seeing is the rising amount of commission-based or output/incentive-based pay jobs that are showing up as part of this so-called rising economy. These are jobs that pretty much mean you don't get paid per hour worked, instead its based off how much you can sell or how much quota production you can reach in an hour (standards are often an unreasonable number or fluxuate according to management). What it all boils down to is simply you might not get paid for a days work. Take a look at Hotjobs, Monster or Career Builder and look at all those jobs that are going to this. Think there are labor boards that will protect workers from these unfair practices....HA, not a chance.

It just stands to reason that as long as outsourcing continues, corporate mergers and downsizing continue daily how can the economy be getting better?


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