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Bush video

I'm sure the majority of liberals and progressives who use the net have seen the now infamous "Bush flipping off the camera" video.

For those who haven't, well here's the link http://static.vidvote.com/movies/bushuncensored.mov

Personally to me its not anything build a battle cry of proof around that Bush is immoral and voters were mislead...there was a lot more proof of that already existing out there like the 9/11 Commission findings, tax cuts for the wealthy, lies about WMD's, cutting programs that help the poor, elderly and children...nuff said, this administration has nothing to do with moral values.


Getting back to the video, what I'd like to see done is get comments out of some the Extreme-Right's so-called Religious Leaders like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson regarding the video...and even some of the local Bushies behind the pulpits of our churches. I'm sure they'd come up with some kind of spin and for a good laugh I'd like to hear what they have to say.


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