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65% Union Members Voted For Kerry...Should have been 100%

Union members overwhelmingly supported presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who conceded on Nov. 3, and union households accounted for one of four voters, totaling 27 million union household voters in 2004, according to an independent election night survey and the exit polls.
Union households provided a 5.8 million vote advantage for the Democratic candidate for president, a new exit poll finds.
Sixty-five percent of union members voted for Kerry, with an even bigger margin—68 percent—voting for Kerry in battleground states. In sharply divided Ohio, 67 percent of union members voted for Kerry, according to the election night survey conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates for the AFL-CIO.

Overall, 62 percent of union members surveyed say they disapprove of President George W. Bush’s job performance, with 67 percent saying they have only some or very little confidence Bush will look out for working families. More than 90 percent of union members say they received information from their unions on issues in the presidential campaign crucial to working families. The survey among 1,135 active and retired union members included 400 additional members in Ohio and had a 3.5 percent margin of error.

Sixty-five percent of union members voted Kerry...it should have been at the very least 95% voted for Kerry. This makes the second issue about this election that I have been proven right about. The first being morality issues was going to overshadow swing voters thoughts and drive the religious to the polls and secondly I knew the unions would not show solidarity in voting for Kerry.Don't get me wrong just because you are in a union doesn't mean you have to vote a mandated way, but out of the sheer ideology of being a union you vote for candidates who support the working class and namely unions.
I am a firm supporter of the AFL-CIO and all labor unions under its umbrella, but a lot of folks including myself saw this division of union voters and knew this would happen...like it did in 2000.The AFL-CIO did a great job with getting out the vote and starting up Working America to get non-union folks involved. They also tried to mobilize their own troops as best they could and did the usual individual union endorsements...but apparently 35% didn't understand what was at stake in this election.
As I said before, I could have handled 10% who didn't vote for Kerry, but 35% that is inexcusable.
Again its every union membes' right to chose who they want to vote for in any election and should not have to follow union endorsements, but in this case some voted for a candidate who is openly against labor unions and thinks outsourcing is a good thing.....
In other words why would you vote for someone who wants to put you out of work?


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