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Make sure your vote counts!

Here are SIX SIMPLE STEPS you can take on Election Day to protect your voting rights.

1. Call the local elections office to verify the location of your polling place. Locations may have
changed, and a vote cast at the wrong place might not get counted.

2. Bring identification to the polls in case it is needed, preferably government-issued ID or a utility bill,
phone bill or paycheck with your name and current street address.

3. Ask for help from poll workers and check posted information signs if you have questions or need

4. Make sure you cast a vote. If you arrive late in the day and are in line when the polls close, you
should stay in line because you are entitled to vote.

5. If you are offered a provisional ballot because of a question about your eligibility, ask if you can
cast a regular ballot by providing additional ID or by going to another polling place. If no alternative is
available or practical, cast a provisional ballot.

6. If you have a voting rights problem, ask to speak with the chief election official or a voting rights
volunteer at the polls or call the toll-free nationwide Election Protection Hotline, 1-866-OUR-VOTE,
a project of a coalition of groups, including the AFL-CIO, promoting voting rights.


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