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Edwards vs. Cheney: The winner is....

I am very biased on this topic, I never trusted VP Dick Cheney and never will, but in the fairness of this entry I tried to watch the debates with an opponents.
As for the winner, I'll say Cheney defeated himself with his blatant lies about denying he said there were ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, downplaying how bad the economy really is and his bullish attitude however, in criticism of him, he did not deliver the finishing blows when he had Old Man Cheney on the ropes, especially on the topic of the economy.

Although some of the polling shows Edwards did a great job, still from watching the debates the Kerry-Edwards ticket needs to get tougher in their attacks on Bush. They wouldn't even have to create foggy facts or propaganda, just call it like it is because thats what the voters want to hear.

Here is a great link to a round by round scorecard of the VP Debate.


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