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Villians of the Working Class

Resist Oppression's Top Five Villains of the Working Class

1. Bush Administration
They support outsourcing, not raising federal minimum wage, are bedfellows with Corporate America and have the biggest deficit in U.S. history.

2. The National Right to Work Committee
This SCAB anti-organized-labor committee hides under the guise that they are helping American workers. This special interest group is funded by large Corporations in order to keep workers from joining unions and preaching "bootlicking" philosophies in the workplace.

3. Horizon Natural Resources
Their bankruptcy decision left 3,000 coal miners and retirees without health care by voiding union contracts. This one is a personal issue for me, because I know many of the retirees who are affected by this and many now in the golden years of their lives are having to pay out of pocket for their breathing treatments, medication and other illnesses that resulted from 30-50 years of mining coal for Horizon.
Delta Airlines and U.S. Airways are following the example set by Horizon and look for a corporation near you to do the same.

4. U.S. Labor Secretary Linda Chao (Ky Sen. Mitch McConnell's wife)
Her treachery of the American worker by leading the charge to cut out Overtime Pay shows, just like her husband, she loves Corporate America. This supposed to be OUR LABOR SECRETARY, not Corporate America's lackey.

5. Fox News
Fair and Unbalanced...yeah right, this is not broadcast journalism, instead its one big 24/7 infomercial for Conservative-Corporate Politics.


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