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U.S. Airways Files Bankruptcy

Again another huge corporation is filing bankruptcy and shafting its employees because of their financial mismanagement

Today it was announced US Airways, the nation's seventh-biggest passenger carrier and a major Delta Air Lines competitor (whom is also threatening to file bankruptcy), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection.

The airline company joins the ranks of a growing trend of corporations with union employees that are breaking contracts by filing for bankruptcy. Just like what happened to the miners and retirees that worked for the Ashland, Ky-based Horizon Natural Resources that ruined 3,000 lives by cutting off their medical benefits.

US Airways had sought $800 million in pay and benefit concessions from its 28,000 employees — but pilots and mechanics both rejected the most recent series of demands.

One thing no one in US Airways upper management offered to do was cut their own top brass pay. Oh no, they couldn't imagine cutting their own multi-million dollar salaries in order to save the company, instead they put the entire load of burden on their employees.

To those US Airways union workers who stood up for their rights and contracts I salute them and although they are on the losing end of this now, at least they had to guts to stand up for their rights and not be pushed around by huge corporations.

Lack of solidarity and concessions is why American workers are losing their rights and receive so little pay/benefits. I know most working Americans are grateful just to have a job, but rocking the boat is necessary when companies keep taking and taking from their workers. Companies see it as a weakness when they get a union to agree to a concession and then like wolves, the CEOS go in for the kill.

I know standing up for your rights in the workplace can be a tough thing, especially when you have a mountain of debt to pay off, but there comes a point where American workers are going to have to stand up for their rights. I know that message won't reach all, especially the SCABS and corporate-suck-ups out there because all they know how to do is kiss tail when they go to work and generally have spines made of mush, but to the true American worker...who has dignity and honor, its time to start taking notice of what's going on and that you could be next if you don't start working for change. I can hear those spineless types now "its wrong to rock the boat", hell its past time to start rocking that boat and its time for American workers to call for a mutiny.

Solidarity is necessary to save American Jobs and workers rights. So to all the US Airways Union Workers...God Bless You All for having backbone and conviction.


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