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Senate blocks outsourcing of some federal jobs

Senate blocks outsourcing of some federal jobs

CAPITOL HILL The Republican-led Senate has scored a victory for Democrats.
The Senate has voted narrowly to block President Bush from outsourcing some Homeland Security jobs to private companies.
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy says it effectively keeps Bush from replacing eleven-hundred immigrations officers who he says "weed out terrorists."
The White House had threatened a veto if the measure was blocked. The House has already approved a similar measure.

Finally some bi-partisanship going on in the Senate. I can't believe the White House is trying to outsource even these jobs...I believe the Bush Administration hates American Workers.
This Madman-lead Administration that tells us every day on the news that they are dedicated to protecting Homeland Security, but they are trying to outsource the jobs to private companies overseas -- which will probably not have the proper training or our best interests at heart.
What's worse is once Again Bush is trying to send our jobs overseas. How can anyone who says they love this country and their neighbors support this?


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