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Kentucky workers...Revolution Starts Now

"Contract talks have come to a halt between more than 800 nurses and Appalachian Regional Healthcare.
Some RN's say if an agreement is not reached before October 31st they may be heading to the picket line. "

This makes my heart swell with pride that yet another group of workers are standing their ground in Kentucky against their employers and demanding better wages.

There is a revolution starting in this country because of what our leaders, namely the Bush Administration, has done to working class people. They raped and pillaged like raiding barbarians on our health care and wages, slashing employee health care plans and erradicating overtime pay rules. Workers are getting sick of this and thank GOD that they are showing backbone and gumption enough to say "this isn't fair".

All workers like Kentucky's teachers, stateworkers, ARH's nurses and the Ashland-based PCI employees are asking is for what is rightfully theirs.

The CEOs and Kentucky's Government Officials have gotten richer, while these workers are getting poorer. There is not a thing fair about that.

Here is an idea, how about when operation costs go up because of various market reasons those in charge take a pay cut to cover the cost or eliminate some of their unnecessary spending, instead of making their workers pay for it all.

Every working person in this country needs to take a stand for their rights, because guess what folks...four more years of this crap and you won't have any left to defend.


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