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Kentucky Teachers Union our heroes of the week

News Flash: Kentucky Teachers Give State Government ultimatum

The Kentucky Education Association board of directors voted Saturday to give Gov. Ernie Fletcher an ultimatum with a list of demands that if not met could result in a strike by teachers and school employees.

The strike proposal would call for school districts across the state to cancel school on Sept. 27 to allow teachers to participate in a statewide protest.

If the teachers' demands are not met, they would go on an indefinite strike starting Oct. 27.

Resist Oppression Commentary:
For far too long, American workers played the give-and-take game where they give more out to employers and than they ever receive back. It's true that everyone who is working in this country who has medical benefits is facing the same thing as the teachers, but that does not make the situation right nor does it merit employees to simply shut up and take the pablum that Bush Republicans (not true Republicans in my eyes) and some corporation-friendly media sources preach.

So what that Kentucky has a no-strike law for teachers? If teachers show true solidarity in their unions and strike, the school systems and Fletcher can't fire them all and that little rule will not mean a thing if the state's education system comes to a halt.

As far as the teachers striking sending a wrong message to many Kentuckians, as your editorial suggested, I think it sends a positive message that our teachers have backbones for standing up for what is rightfully theirs and they know that if they don't make this stand now the state will continue to impose higher premiums year after year. I'd rather Kentucky's students and parents see that our teachers will fight for fairness, instead of projecting an image that everyone should keep quiet and nothing is worth fighting for in this world.

Hopefully Kentucky's teachers will strike and make Fletcher stand up and take notice that they are not going to take it anymore, and the state's other employers will take notice that working people are sick of being robbed.



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