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Horizon Natural Resources - Corporate Trash

The Associated Press reported today that The United Mine Workers of America is appealing a judge's decision that the union has said would strip the health benefits of more than 3,000 active and retired coal miners.

The union protested Howard's ruling in three separate demonstrations, including one on Aug. 31 in which 17 union members were arrested for blocking the entrance to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Lexington.

The United Mine Workers of America and other unions are trying to change federal bankruptcy laws so judges have more leeway in ordering that the assets of bankrupt companies be used to honor promises made to workers and retirees.

Although this is not a victory for those of us who support the Horizon employees and retirees, its a positive step in the right direction.

Judge Howard's decision was cruel and unjust, but considering this guy was appointed to his 14 year term under the Bush Sr.'s Administration it does not surprise me that his ruling was for the company and against organized labor.

AEI RESOURCES A.K.A Horizon Natural Resources Inc. should be ashamed of their actions that show they have no heart for their workers and their retirees. All these corporate suits care about is money and not those who work for them. Do they ever think that their actions are destroying lives...I doubt it because corporate swine usually have no souls. You know what, swine is too good a word for them...how about lets call them corporate trash instead. How would they like it some company put them out of work or cut their parents off of much-needed health care? Again these people have no soul or compassion.

A lot of the readers of this blog have taken my call to action to contact their elected officials to reform federal bankruptcy laws and to support the miners affected by Howard's decision....but more help is needed. I would like to thank everyone who has taken this call to action and especially to those who are writing letters to the editor of their local newspapers (To date 5 newspapers and websites have posted letters I have sent...its a good way to help the cause). The message is getting out there and we can't stop now. Keep up the good work.


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