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Cheney's remark was sickening

Vice President Cheney suggested Tuesday that a ''wrong choice'' on Election Day could mean a greater risk of another terrorist strike.

The Bush Administration has now sunk to a new low in dirty politics and if it was not evident before, this blatantly shows they are using fear tactics just like Hitler did in Germany.

This is an evil regime running this country that is afraid they are going to be voted out come Nov. and now are resorting to disgusting tactics based strictly on lies.

Why did Cheney do this?

Simple...they know it works and the average American no matter how much information they have at their disposal through television, print, online, radio, etc...still is just as in the dark about current events and truth as is those people in Iraq that we supposedly liberated. Sadly, as much as I want to blame Fox News for everything, its the peoples' fault for not caring enough to do any type of research for themselves. That's an entirely different blog for another time, but point being Bush's Crew knows Joe Blow on the street will believe what Cheney said and if its repeated enough around the water cooler and community it will become the gospel.

Cheney should have to apologize for his remark and so should Bush, because our democracy is eroded when people like Cheney knowingly try to scare voters in to keeping them in office, especially in this post 9/11 United States.

How can people vote for the Bush-Cheney in Nov. when its obvious they are resorting to the lowest forms of treachery to get re-elected.


Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence
Committee, said "there isn't a shred of evidence to indicate that a terrorist
attack is more likely under a Bush or Kerry administration."

"It is completely inappropriate for the vice president to, in effect, threaten the American people to be part of instilling fear into our country," Democratic minority leader, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi


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