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Cheney vistis WV

On a recent trip to West Virginia, President Cheney didn't mention a single word about the 3,000 employees or retirees affected by the Horizon Natural Resources Bankruptcy (many of which live in WV), nor did he say anything about how the state has lost more than 18,100 jobs since Bush took office in January 2001, according to the state Bureau of Employment Programs -- Of course it doesn't surprise me one bit considering the Bush Administration never admits anything to do with how bad the economy is doing. Again I don't understand how anyone with morals and those who live in people in poor economic areas can vote for this administration. I already know the answer and its called playing religion, trumping up the war on terror and fear tactics. Here is a quote that ran in a Huntington Herald Dispatch story, from a citizen who attended the rally:"We’re in the Bible Belt, and people here feel the way he does about issues like abortion," Shumate, 78, said of Bush. "I believe in what he believes. He’s got good morals."
Good morals huh?
Oppression of the poor, corporate greed, etc, in Christian is a violation of God's word:

"Learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow." (Isaiah 1:17) "Your princes are rebels and companions of thieves. Everyone loves a bribe and runs after gifts. They do not defend the orphan, and the widows cause does not come before them." (verse 23)

The only thing the Bush Administration has to do with God is using his name in order to get votes. Read the Gospels and see how many times Jesus spoke of "wolves in sheep's clothing". What's the difference between what the Bush Administration is doing with manipulating Christianity and how Osama bin Laden is manipulating the Muslim faith? Both are using and manipulating religion to gain power. Nuff Said


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