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Bush Sucks

I'm still feeling a little sick from the Republican National Convention, but the hope is Sen. Kerry's camp is going to come out swinging next week.

Monday the AFL-CIO will be having Labor Day celebrations all around the country and early numbers show turnouts should be pretty good. The intended message will be a wake up call for working Americans to not take what the Bush Administration is doing to them anymore.

Its really getting old listening to the constant Right-Wing dribble about how the economy is getting better and how everything is ok in American labor. That is pure crap!!! Check out some of these jobs the Republicans keep saying are being invented, I know in my region most are temporary positions that offer incentive-based-pay...in other words you don't get paid a commission, salary or hourly wage, instead its based on how much work you can get done in an hour (prime example: Company-Office Temp, pay based on how many documents you can scan and process in one hour). How can anyone expect to make a living getting paid like this?

Americans need to take a long hard look at where the candidates stand in this election and what is going on throughout this great nation. National Security is a big issue, but pretty soon we aren't going to have anything worth protecting if our elected officials don't make a stand to help the American Worker out. Our jobs are being outsourced, pay is being slashed, safety standards are being downgraded, no one can afford health care...get the point? We are forgetting our history folks and we need to look back at the Great Depression to understand what we are heading for if we don't take a stand for workers rights.

Even though I am a die-hard-Democrat, I do wish the true Republicans would take this call to arms also. There is nothing conservative about this administration. They are bankrupting us and true conservative politics says clearly this is against everything they stand for. How much more are you guys going to take before your party is lost or before they catch you in their corporate sponsored RINO hunts...(RINO- Republicans In Name Only). Bush is turning his own part on itself in order to bring in his Regime to full power. Help to take back America Republicans, make it a bi-partisan effort with us on the left. Our opponent is clear and his name is Bush.


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