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Bush hates coal miners...wake up West Virginia

I just got through viewing some highlights of President Bush's speech in Parkersburg, WV and all I can say is I don't see how this man can even show his face in Appalachian Coal Country.

Bush gave his usual spill of terrorists are lurking around every corner and how the economy was getting better garbage, but of course he streamlined his speech to include that he is for the miners to get a few cheap pops from the crowd.

The very thought of Bush being for the Coal Miners is as ludicrous as Osama bin Laden being for Christian Values. Bush didn't live up to his promises he made during his stump speech in Huntington, WV back in 2000 when he was running for President and I don't see how any one in the coal fields could believe his lies again. Bush is for the coal companies, not the miners and his track record proves it:

Look at what happened to the Horizon Natural Resources workers and retirees that have now gotten shafted by legislation Bush signed in during first 100 days in office.

Already his administration has repealed more safety and environmental laws than other Presidency to date. Many of those safety rules involved the mining industry. This madman is virtually trying to undo what miners have fought for over the past 100 years to make the industry safer.

Bush's Administration hates UNIONS and wants everything to be run SCAB. They have already drafted legislation to make it harder to form unions and are using California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as their mouthpiece of union-busting. During the RNC Arnold called unions "special interest groups" and "girlie men". Let me ask you ,were those proud miners who marched up on Blair Mountain and stood up against gun thugs girly men...I think not Mr. Terminator.

The Over Time Takeaway will directly affect miners. Miners will not qualify for overtime and all of those extra hours spent underground will be for either straight time or flex time (time off in lieu of pay). Don't know about you, but after I worked a 40 hour work week and then being told I have to risk my life for another extra 8-12 hours...I'd be demanding something more than a day off work that you don't get paid a penny for.

All of those new mines opening up he promised never came about. That great second coal boom fizzled as soon as he got in office. More than 2,000 mining jobs has been lost in WV since he got in office. Bush is proposing new rules governing mercury emissions that could lead to large scale fuel-switching from Appalachia to the Powder River Basin, which includes Wyoming-Dick Cheney's home state. This fuel-switching will lead to coal miners losing their jobs, just like in 1990 when the Acid Rain rules were enacted. Where's the Jobs GW, sounds like they are all going out to your Vice President's home state.

Its obvious Bush is against the Coal Miners and the crap he spread in today's speech stunk like one of those cow pastures out in Texas. If Bush wins West Virginia - one of the important swing states- then I don't know where the priorities of their voters are...obviously its not in helping themselves, friends, neighbors, local economies and communities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to check out another West Virginia blog that consists of strong pro-labor Democrats, look no further than


10:41 AM  
Blogger Resist Oppression said...

Thanks for the info, but just for the record the Resist Oppression blog originates from Kentucky. The reason I cover so many WV issues is because of the United Mine Workers of America's strong-ties to the Mountain State of WV.

11:09 AM  

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