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5/2001- Senator Byrd Speech (Audio)

"America's coal miners have served their country proudly. On the battlefields. In the mines. Because they believe in what our nation stands for. That's why, over 12,000 active and retired miners, their spouses and families came to the Capitol on May 17, 2001., to petition our government for fairness. To ask that our nation's promise to retired miners and widows...a promise earned in blood...be kept. " -- UMWA Journal

I was lucky enough to be there that day and to be part of the biggest protest rally I had ever attended. Something happened that day that I did not expect, I found a new hero and he was Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV).

Byrd's speech was inspiring and heartfelt, unlike a lot of the other trivial politics spouted about that day. He told stories my grandfather use to tell about the Great Depression and growing up in the coal fields. Byrd understood the long plight of the miners and how the PROMISE (THE COAL ACT) the federal government made with the miners was about to be broken if action was not taken.

For nearly two years after hearing him speak, I have found myself reading every speech he has given and every action he has ever taken in the Senate. During the debate over going to war with Iraq, Byrd without fear stood in the face of the Bush War Machine demanding answers and a fair chance to evaluate the preemptive strike. Of course Bush pulled slight of hand tricks and rushed the war resolution through (Just like the Patriot Act) without fair discussion and debate, thus leading to what we know now...he lied, 9/11 Commission proved it...1,000 dead today because of his lies. Byrd wanted to prevent what happened right from the start, which is why he stood up for the American people and demanded answers. Point being...I watched C-SPAN religiously during those dark months and Byrd was the only elected official having enough guts to ask questions and push the issue. While other Democrats rolled over for the President and even true conservative Republicans cowered...BYRD was the man.

I could turn this entry into a novel...but I'll digress and say this....

Sen. Byrd is the last true patriot and defender of the Constitution we have left in D.C.

To Listen to the speech from 5/17/2001 Click on the link below:



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KKK member Byrd

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