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250 miners to lose their job Tuesday

Horizon Natural Resources is at it again
The quickly dying Southern Illinois coal industry took another direct hit Saturday with the announcement by Horizon Natural Resources that production would cease at the Zeigler No. 11 Mine near Coulterville, a move that will send 250 union and salaried employees to the unemployment line. Perhaps even worse than the loss of employment, the union miners were also notified that Horizon planned to terminate its contract with the United Mine Workers, which will leave more than 3,000 working miners and retirees without health care benefits, effective at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.......(MORE)

Resist Oppression Commentary:
Once again more lives have been ruined by the bankrupt Horizon Natural Resources.
3,000 employees and retirees lost their health care because of the Judge's decision to allow Horizon to file bankruptcy and now 250 more are now without jobs.
Utterly disgusting and gross abuse of power.
Wonder why the economy is going to hell? Well its because those in ivory towers have no respect for their workers and if they wouldn't contribute $800,000 to Republican election campaigns and the directors wouldn't give themselves a $10,000 raise...then maybe they wouldn't be in the mess they are in right now.
I'm in no means an economist, but how aboutCorporate America try out this economic philosophy:

"A happy-well-paid-appreciated-having-job-security employee equals a better work environment, higher production and thus higher profits"


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