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W.W.J.D? He wouldn't agree with what's going on.

Ever been paranoid about something and then no matter how crazy or off the wall your speculations were in the end you were proven right? Welcome to my world.

The extreme religious right has brainwashed a large majority of American voters.

Its not that this a new issue, its always been around throughout history. In every religion has done this and every great leader has twisted faith in order to spread their delusional propaganda, from the first tribal leader to U.S. Presidents they've all done it. What frightens me though is how we are supposed to be an intelligent, reasoning, humane and civil society but we still allow our leaders and special interest groups to manipulate us.

I'm not going to agree with most of the leftist views that 9/11 caused a sweeping wave of religious values to cover the land, instead it was an opportunity for the wolves in sheep's clothing to come in and take advantage of a situation.

On Sept. 15, 2001 right-wing-religious-nut Pat Robertson announced on his CBN program (Christian News intertwined with Robertson's political agendas...don't think Jesus would approve of that folks) that the attacks on New York City and the Pentagon were because of the homosexuals in the U.S. Robertson later retracted his statement, but his remarks were out of line considering the great tragedy that had occurred, especially to the victims families. Point being, the first wolf struck and drew first blood and other wolves soon followed.

In the months and weeks following 9/11 our leaders began using "God" in every other line of their speeches. Not to say some were showing reverence to the Creator, but some knew it was playing well in the polls and they cranked it up with each week. Not since Hitler's propaganda about the Jews had masses heard leaders use the line "I am guided by God and will carry out what is just". The propaganda was working, suddenly the upcoming Presidential election became less about two candidates but more about good vs. evil.

Through sublime rhetoric, somehow Republicans became Christians and Democrats were the minions of Satan. Democrats became baby killers (pro-choice), supported homosexuals (civil rights), wanted to steal your hard earned money (taxes) and the most insulting slap in the face of Jesus's teachings, Democrats were about peace and there would be no retribution for Al Queda attacks on 9/11.

Now let's look at this from the perspective of Christianity what the people were thinking. I agree that its probably pretty safe to bet our Lord does not approve of abortion and homosexuality, but I don't think he approves of leaders lying to their people about weapons of mass destruction, the rich not sharing their wealth with the poor, he said people were to pay taxes (Jesus did) and most of all, look in the New Testament, Jesus spoke in all three Gospels about many would come in his name but would be sheep in wolves clothing. A just man is judged upon his works, not his words is the message here.

Mixed with all this religious talk was fear tactics by the Bush Administration. Ever week we watched the terror chart rise and fall with terror alerts. All of this lead many to believe Bin Ladin was lurking in their backyards and the local Dairy Queen was a potential target. You know who else did this? His name was Hitler, ever wonder how he got millions of Germans to go along with him, he used the same propaganda of telling his people the Jews and Allied Powers were out to annihilate them and they were all evil and the German people were Godly.

How could people base their good and evil analysis off the doctrine of the Bible and deem Democrats evil, but not apply those same values to the Republicans also? My answer is pretty simple, they don't know how to think for themselves anymore.

Maybe its not their fault entirely, because they are bombarded with propaganda on Fox News on television, Rush Limbaugh on the radio, colleagues in the workplace who are afraid they'll lose their tax cut privies and even by their ministers in the churches that Bush is godly and Kerry is Satan's Spawn.

I'm going to go on record as saying I don't think what's going on has anything to do with Jesus, its more about some Americans finding an excuse to hate and show their true colors of greed, selfishness and evil. If you are a person of faith, its very dangerous business to support evil and its even worse to say God put his stamp of approval on it.

Now I want to clarify something, in no way am I trying to spin that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad. I'm just saying be careful who and what you are accusing and condemning without properly including all that are doing evil deeds.

Some American Republicans are not even conservatives, instead those are more of a neo-Nazi-like hate group. Their hate speech is more powerful and far reaching than any Republican TV advertisement or speech Bush could ever give.

These people are not going to be swayed, even if Bush suddenly had a true change of heart and attempted to calm them down. They are the voters who will not hear the truth or see the facts...that is a very scary thing.

Six-thousand years of life on this planet. 228 as a nation of democracy. And we still haven't got it right. Its time to stop the terrorism on our soil by caused by the extreme religious right and then we could tackle the problem of defeating all of those who want our demise throughout the world. Guess what folks, the terrorists are laughing cause they knew we are self-destructing ourselves with our bickering, hate towards one another and lies.

And to the extreme religious right. Ask yourself what would Jesus do and I'll guarantee he wouldn't be hating his fellow man and spreading lies using your name.


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