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Tell President Bush not to take away overtime pay.

Take Action!Tell President Bush not to take away overtime pay.

Millions of workers lost their overtime pay eligibility Aug. 23 when new Bush administration changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) took effect. Now, millions more who may remain eligible for overtime pay face another White House attack on their paychecks. President Bush has called for new rules to allow employers to replace paid overtime with unpaid compensatory time off. Under Bush’s plan, employers could substitute time off at some undetermined future date for overtime pay. Of course, your boss still gets to decide if you ever get to take time off. These changes are a huge pay cut for America's working families.
He needs to feel the heat! Please act today by sending a letter to President Bush. We'll deliver your letter via fax with a copy to your U.S. senators. Please add your own words to the letter below to personalize it with your own thoughts and feelings.

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Take action today and copy & paste this message and send it to your elected officials and President Bush:

I was angered to hear about your dual proposals to take away overtime pay from potentially millions of America's workers. Working families count on overtime pay for everyday needs like housing, food, transportation, health care and more. Without overtime pay these families will suffer a huge pay cut.

I am upset that you would side with corporate campaign contributors over working families--especially after so many people sent letters, e-mails, faxes or signed petitions opposing this pay cut and Congress voted to protect overtime pay.

I will use this issue and your actions to judge your commitment to working families. I urgently await your reply.

[Your name]
[Your address]

* After copying the message go to http://www.house.gov/ or http://capwiz.com/wa/dbq/officials/ and find out who your elected officials are and show your opposition to the Overtime Takeaway.


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